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The samples below are taken from Lies we tell kids by Paul Graham.

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One of ___ most remarkable things about ___ way we lie to ___ kids is how broad ___ conspiracy is. All adults know what their culture lies to ___ kids about: they're ___ questions you answer "Ask your parents. " 


I've never heard more different explanations ___ anything parents tell kids than why they shouldn't swear. Every parent I know forbids their children ___ swear, and yet no two of them have the same justification. It's clear most start ___ not wanting kids ___ swear, then make up the reason afterward. 


A few Thanksgivings ago, a friend of mine f____ himself in a situation that perfectly illustrat__ the complex motives we ha___ when we l___ to kids. As the roast turkey appear__ on the table, his alarmingly perceptive 5 year old son suddenly ask__ if the turkey ha___ want__ to d___ . fores___ disaster, my friend and his wife rapidly improvis__ : yes, the turkey ha___ want__ to d___ , and in fact ha___ liv__ its whole life with the aim of being their Thanksgiving dinner. And that (phew) ___ the end of that. 

Whenever we l___ to kids to protect__ them, we___ usually also l___ to ke___ the peace. 

One consequence of this sort of calm__ lie is that we gr___ up th____ horrible things ___ normal. It's hard for us to fe___ a sense of urgency as adults over something weha___ literally ___ train__ not to worr__ about. When I ___ about 10 I s___ a documentary on pollution that put__ me into a panic. It seem__ the planet ___ being irretrievably ruin__ . I ___ to my mother afterward to ask__ if this ___ so. I d__ n't remember__ what she sa__ , but she ma___ me fe___ better, so I stop__ worr__ about it. 

That ___ probably the best way to handl__ a frighten__ 10 year old. But we should underst____ the price. This sort of lie ___ one of the main reasons bad things persist__ : we___ all train__ to ignor__ them. 

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